How to get motivated


Motivation is so important for anyone who wants to reach a goal in their life. Motivation is essentially the fuel that energises you to achieve your dream life… and yes your dream life exists and its possible for you to achieve it.

Make a decision to commit to your goal

The most important thing about being motivated is to make a decision to create your dream life. Before you even write down your goals, you need to believe that you deserve to reach your goal, you need to be confident enough in your abilities to make it happen and most importantly you need to be willing to make a few sacrifices for the sake of your goals. If you feel like the disadvantages outweigh the benefits then you should definitely rethink your goal because nothing is worth your discomfort in life – this is why you need to seriously commit at the beginning to embarking this journey.

Practise self awareness 

Being self aware will make you more empowered and generally more capable of reaching your goals, overall it will also improve the quality of journey (towards your goal). Knowing yourself is always an asset; so just like your personal fitness trainer would encourage you to workout at least 3 times a week for physical health, practising self awareness on a daily basis will improve your mental health.There are many ways to become more self aware. The most popular ways to become self aware include mediating, practising yoga, keeping a journal, praying etc. Personally, I would recommend diversifying the methods you use to become self aware. This will make your journey more exciting and of course to give you an incentive to practise self awareness more often.

Become a happier person

Being happy is inextricably linked to being a positive person. You cannot live a happier life if you are not mentally happy or satisfied with yourself on the inside. So if you want to change your life on the outside you need to change your mental state on the inside. To do this you need to become positive. Positivity can be achieved by keeping a gratitude diary and constantly thinking of ways that you have been blessed in life. Any situation that you are placed in can be looked at through two different lenses; a positive lens that sees that situation as an opportunity to practise self awareness and improve your life and a negative lens which will simply burden the individual with ‘why me?’ taunts. At the end of the day it is your choice which lens  you choose to analyse the situation but always remember that you are in control of the outcome of the situation because your mood and the way you choose to react to the circumstances is what will shape your experience. Honestly, this is the basis of the law of attraction. It isn’t science its just basic common sense. When you wake up every morning, always decide to pack your positive lens with you (as cheesy as that sounds!).

Surrounding yourself with positive books, videos and thoughts is equally important. Have a clean room/home, decorate your life with things that make you happy and that are sentimental to you.

If you still want some more inspiration on how to be positive check out this video. 

Educate yourself 

Don’t give up on yourself. Always treat life as a learning experience and an opportunity to learn something new and exciting. Life is a marathon and not a race and as soon as you appreciate that you will be able to get so much more out of it. Forgive yourself when you need to but also don’t forget to learn from your mistakes, evaluate your actions and love being alive as a whole. If you can afford it attend courses, watch videos online, read a book, meet different people. Don’t waste your time because time is very expensive.

Invest in yourself 

This really sums up this entire post as a whole. When you have a goal or a vision of your dream life, this in reality is a selfish act designed as a whole to give you more happiness and/or satisfaction in life. As Sandra Bullock matter of factly put it in Miss Congeniality 2 ‘people love people who love themselves’. So as much as it is important to give charity, volunteer and be humble it is equally important to invest in yourself, love yourself and make yourself as comfortable with your life as possible. That is very important.

That pretty much sums up being my motivation post. I wish you all the best of luck in your journey.



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